Extruder Packing Machine

SS-350XL Plasticine Extruder Pillow Packing Machine


feeding product: to feed the products manually into the exturder hopper.

Extruding: extrude the products.

Shape forming: shaping the products by kinds of molds.

Cutting product: to cut the extruded product by set length.

Deliver film: to let the packing film run into the bag former smoothly.

Tracking mark: to track the films color marks by a sensor and let the machine cut the correct bag length.

Bag forming: to form the film into a bag by the bag former. It’s adjustable to fit for different product sizes.

Vertical sealing:to clamp and seal the vertical sealing.

Cutting and sealing: to seal the end sealing and cut the bag. Can make round hole or euro hole on the package.

Packages delivery: convey the finished packages.

Special features:

Full automatic production line with 2 in 1 functions( extruding and packing functions)
Reduce manual operation and avoid touching products, no pollution and deformation
Easy operation and clean
High speed for cutting and packing
Accurate length cutting
Stable performance
With patent
Easy operation and clean
Use different cutting knife for different product
2 touch screens (extruder & packing machine) for convenient operation
Fit for different product length (CB-350SXL - servo version)







Up to 150 products per minute Up to 30 m/min film speed

Product and film characteristic may affect

machine output

Size Range

Package cut-off length


Product width


Product height


Packaging Material Reel

Reel diameter


Core diameter


Packaging material width



max. 25KG




Power usage


Machine weight


Machine dimensions


Blade cut type

Rotary cutter



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Tips for getting the best quote from us you need:

1. What volume of each sachet?

2. What is length and width of each sachet?

3. Desired packing speed per minute?

4. Do you need date printer or cursor sensor?